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Madison Financial Planning Group

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Dedicated to Providing Retirement Guidance

Madison Financial Planning Group is a financial planning firm helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of retirement and pursue financial independence. Led by Caragh Fahy, CFP®, and supported by broker-dealer Lincoln Financial Advisors, our firm was founded to guide individuals and families through this significant transition in life and act as your trusted guides in the years to follow.

Retirement has vastly changed over the years, particularly since the most recent recession. Your grandparents and parents likely relied on pensions, private savings, and Social Security to build a stable income for retirement. Today, there is an increasing burden on individuals and families to ensure their assets last through their retirement. These changes demand a new way of planning.

At Madison Financial Planning Group, we utilize a holistic financial planning process and develop customized retirement plans to address your individual needs and goals and provide a confident future.