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The 5 C’s of Our Retirement Planning Process

Customized: Your financial plan will be specific to your situation. We review your current financial situation and help you formalize your goals. We take the time to get to know you on a personal level, which helps us create a customized approach.

Clarity: During the beginning of the retirement planning process, we meet frequently with you to analyze opportunities that may benefit you. We review the common questions you may have, such as when to retire or when to claim Social Security, and create plans to help you address those issues.

Confidence: After we have reviewed possible solutions and options, we make recommendations and help you select a retirement plan strategy. We thoroughly discuss the opportunities available, review the advantages or disadvantages, and explore creative design ideas. Our goal is to help you feel confident with your decision.

Catalyst: Once you have selected a vision for your retirement path, we help you implement the retirement plan and manage it throughout your retirement years. We provide step-by-step assistance such as how to claim Social Security benefits, investment portfolio management, determining insurance needs, and developing an estate plan.

Comfort: We believe plan continuation is critical in helping you toward meeting your long-term retirement goals. We update retirement plans periodically and make adjustments based on either market fluctuations or your personal situation. By meeting regularly throughout your retirement, we offer you a high level of comfort so you feel secure that we are guiding you along your path successfully.