My Financial Home

All of your financial accounts in one place!

My Financial Home is a proprietary tool providing our clients insight and control of their finances. This provides a central location for all of your finances. It has integrated tools for planning, forecasting and modeling which can be customized for each client.  

Safe & Secure

Routine Security Testing 

We use third-party security auditors and software to identify vulnerabilities within your system and to assist us with remediation efforts.

Password Protection

You have a unique username and password, ensuring that only you can access your information.

2-Factor Authentication 

 This added layer of security ensures that only you can access your account. 

Highest Encryption

Our system uses a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer to scramble your data, which is the highest level of encryption currently available. 

Secured Data

We house your important data at secure, geographically separated data centers with 24/7 security and video surveillance.


Unlike online banking, trading or shopping websites, your money cannot be moved, withdrawn or accessed on our system.